Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

We are pursuing a novel approach to magnetometry and quantum science using electron spins associated with Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond, which act like atoms frozen into an inert lattice, with good spin coherence and optical properties. Our approach takes advantage of recently developed techniques for coherent control of solid-state electronic spin quantum bits. NV-diamond magnetometers operate at room-temperature and provide an unprecedented combination of ultra-high magnetic field sensitivity and nano-scale spatial resolution. Promising applications include: (i) sensing individual electron and nuclear spins on surfaces and in biomolecules; (ii) exploring frontiers of quantum science, such as the controlled coupling and entanglement of spins and quantized mechanical motion; and (iii) improved sensors of biomagnetic fields - e.g., mapping activity in neuronal networks and nanoscale optical MRI using diamond nanocrystals in living cells and super-resolution imaging.