Walsworth Group Roadtrips!

We work hard in the lab and our offices, but occasionally Ron lets us out and we hit the road. This may sound like fun, but its hard work all the way. Our US Government Travel Department rules ensure we stay in the cushiest Super8 and Best Western hotels, and they strictly forbid having fun in a rental car.

In 2001, Ross was invited to talk at the International Conference on Magnetic Resonance Microscopy in Nottingham, England. Although not focused solely on studies of Porous Media, this conference nonetheless featured its fair share of this subject. Conference organizers found me working hard studying sandstone, as I made my way down one of Robin Hood's escape tunnels from Nottingham Castle.


In February 2002, after much arm twisting, I was forced to attend the Australian/New Zealand MR meeting, being held on the glorious shores of Lake Taupo (left) in central New Zealand. Being February, we caught the one sunny month of the year in NZ right in the heart of a Boston winter. Being Australian, I knew only too well of the need for sunblock. During one of the (very short) breaks from intensive lectures, I was forced to remind the unhappy British attendees, each side of me, of its importance. 

Despite the hard work, these conferences always seem to involve eating and drinking, and sometimes, we wind up in some of the strangest places. At a Porous Media NMR conference held in Ulm, Germany in September 2002, we wound up having dinner in an underground castle ballroom on the shores of Lake Geneva, with Switzerland in the distance. I was explaining something to Siegfried Stapf from RWTH in Aachen, Germany.


About the same time, Ron was also in Germany, at the Helion02 conference in polarized 3He targets and their applications. Despite a heavy lecture load, the physicists were let out briefly for an enjoyable, if chilly, boat ride along the Rhine river. Ron seemed to be enjoying the views and the conversation, if not the weather!


Oops - here we are eating/drinking again. In the left picture, Ross is teaching Matt Rosen (left) and Ruopeng Wang (right) of the dangers of a pitcher of a Budweiser, and in the right photo, is catching up with old friends Melanie and Miki while the sun sets on Savannah, Georgia, in the background.


The 2003 International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine conference was held in Toronto, Canada, and despite being July, it rained for most of the week, except for Sunday. On that day, our isotopically enriched gas supplier, Spectra Gases, held an important seminar on noble gas supplies in a skybox at the Toronto Skydome, home of the BlueJays. I was engaged in extended discussion with Spectra's UK representative (about the differences between cricket and baseball) (right), while the whole group of us - Leo Tsai, Mirko Hrovat (collaborater from Brigham and Women's Hospital, and an unknown rabid Blue Jays fan from north of Boston, and myself held a heated discussion over pretzels.

Purely co-incidentally, there was baseball taking place. And needless to say, as on most days, the Yankees won. 

Oops - here we are eating/drinking yet again! In the left picture, David Phillips and Ron are teaching Mason Klein and Christine Wang the joys of dark beer at the DAMOP conference in Tuscon, in May of 2004. At right, Ron demonstrates his love of the native cactii, perhaps after too much of the dark beer!


Just in case you get the wrong impression that little work is done on these road trips, here is a picture of Ron in presentation mode at the Helion conference in Germany in 2002, and Ross listening attentively at the New Mexico Regional NMR meeting in Utah, 2002.


The work photos are far less interesting, unfortunately!