Photo of the Month

July 2020

The new normal: senior graduate student Matthew Turner conducts NV-diamond experiments in the basement of Northwest Labs in the time of COVID-19.

June 2020

Welcome new students! Reza Ebadi (top left), Emma Huckestein (top right), Zechuan Yin (bottom left) and Jiashen Tang (bottom right).

May 2020

Postdocs Mason Marshall and Raisa Trubko tune in to David Phillips' APS April meeting virtual talk on dark matter searches using stellar accelerations.

April 2020

Stay home, stay safe folks! Let's all get through this together.

March 2020

NMR experiment moves to its new home on campus!

February 2020

David visits Madagascar, braves rough seas and cyclones, and feeds lemurs.

January 2020

Walsworth group offices get a surprise visitor thanks to Nithya. Welcome Munchkin!