Photo of the Month

December 2017

Mikael, a postdoc, just finished setting up a pulsed MW setup to develop novel NV imaging tools. This new setup is built on our new optics table!

November 2017

For this year's Halloween, Walsworth group decided to dress up like Ron, white shirts tugged in, blue jeans and white sneakers. The surprise at the group meeting was a great success, however, clearly you can see some 'defects' among the group.

October 2017

Grad student Aakash Ravi was recently married in New Hampshire. Aakash and his wife Liane are avid rock climbers. It is clear that Liane married beneath her, as all women do.

September 2017

Our collaborator Prof. Roger Fu of Harvard's Earth and Planetary Science Department performs fieldwork in western Australia, where some of the oldest rocks in the world can be found. Paleomagnetism in these rocks can be mapped with high spatial resolution using the quantum diamond microscope, providing key information about the origin of the Earth's geodynamo.

August 2017

Mark (postdoc) and Rebecca (undergraduate RA) are carefully alinging (upper image) optical path for the confocal setup in our NW lab for graphene electron transport project. They used diamond with high density NV to align the detection path (lower image). You can see the diamond is glowing red by eyes!

July 2017

Mark (postdoc) and Matthew (graduate student) are transporting the Yacoby lab probe station from LISE to the NW basement lab, under the guidance of Jacob (undergraduate student).

June 2017

Jenny, the Hertz fellow, was featured in the Hertz foundation webpage for her work on imaging neuron signals using NV quantum diamond microscope. Her profile can be found in here.

May 2017

Emma, a graduate student, assembling a PCB board on a mount for her experiment. Emma is working on single-molecule NMR using NV diamond as a testbed.

April 2017

Connor, a graduate student, is carefully aligning the magnetic field for his experiment. Connor and Erik are developing novel schemes to extend NV spin coherence times. The goals are to understand the spin bath physics in diamond and to improve the sensitivity of NV magnetometry applications.

March 2017

Ron attended the Spin Superfluidity meeting on the island of Moorea. In the afternoon the attendees could swim amongst the coral and tropical fish -- as Ron is doing in the first photo -- or hike the many volcanic mountains on this lush island. Many collaborators and colleagues also attended this meeting, such as Prof. Amir Yacoby of Harvard, shown with Ron (last photo).

February 2017

Ron attended the Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE) conference in Snowbird, Utah. In the afternoon the attendees could go to the top of the 11,000 mountain and enjoy great skiing. Many collaborators and colleagues also attended this meeting, such as Prof. Hongkun Park of Harvard, as shown with Ron (second from the top).

January 2017

Happy new year from the TNG ! (Photo taken by David Phillips and Aakash Ravi from their lastest visit to the Canary Island)