Photo of the Month

December 2016

We had a farewell dinner for Keigo, John and J.C. Thank you for your hard work in the lab, and good luck with your next positions!

November 2016

Recently, Ron attended the White House forum on Quantum Information Science (QIS) (top photo). See the White House blog article. He also got to meet Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to Pres. Obama, and pose for a photo with her outside the West Wing (middle photo). The forum in action (bottom photo).

October 2016

Weekly lab clean day has finally been initiated in NW optics lab! Mark (above) and Huiliang (below) are cleaning hard in lab

September 2016

What do you need for NMR experiment? Big heavy magnet! Dominik and David are moving the magnet to their picoliter NMR project.

August 2016

We just got a friendly gift of a new optics table for new NV diamond setups in our old maser lab! (upper) Our beloved old wooden optics table will have a hibernation until we have another exciting science to do (lower).

July 2016

Postdoc Pauli (upper) and graduate student Chenchen (lower) working on the QDM (Quantum Diamond Microscope) to study biomagnetism inside a single cell.

June 2016

We had our second official CfA group social on May 11th among Kovac, Oberg, Grindley and Walsworth groups which was held at the rooftop of CfA. Sunny weather, free pizzas, amazing people with amazing science, can't be better!

May 2016

Graduate student, Paul Junghyun Lee is working hard on the polarization transfer experiment! Paul hopes to achieve coherent polarization transfer between electronic spins.

April 2016

Phase-encoding confocal setup has been upgraded, and ready for exciting science!

March 2016

Dominik and David are working hard to achieve subhertz resolution NMR with their picolier NMR project. Momentarily, they are using two AWGs to drive NV and the nuclear spins. How awesome it looks!

February 2016

Graduate students, Jenny, Matthew and Tim working hard in the basement of the NW building, B455. Here, John and students work on projects of neuron magnetic field sensing and the pressure sensing using the NV diamond.

January 2016

(Upper) Clouds rolling back in, at the TNG telescope of La Palma, taken by David Phillips. (Lower) SkyCam view from the solar telescope located at the TNG. SkyCam allows us to monitor the weather condition.