Photo of the Month

December 2015

We had a group outing at Grafton street to wish Chih-Hao a fond farewell and all the best
in his next endeavor.

November 2015

Senior scientist, Matt Rosen and his team in Martinos center developed a low cost, high performance MRI for brain imaging, which was featured in MGH Martinos center news, and Nature Research Highlights!

October 2015

Paul, Keigo and Huiliang made a photo mask for the new phase encoding project. This new gradient field micro coil will give sub 10nm resolution imaging of single NVs.

September 2015

Walsworth group had annual BBQ cookout at Ron's place. Lovely weather plus Ron's famous pineapple chicken sandwich were a perfect reward for hardworking physicists (Yes, we do work hard!)

August 2015

Erik Bauch has resurrected the CfA NV diamond imager setup. Now the setup has more stable laser source with APD, ready for some exciting measurements!

July 2015

Walsworth group and group alumni gathered together and had annual group dinner at the DAMOP 2015 conference at Columbus, Ohio. With good food and good physics, we had fun, and at the end, we enjoyed the "artificial" foggy night at the city of Columbus


June 2015

Alex Glenday and members of the local technical staff install the small solar telescope on a dedicated site attached to the building housing the large TNG telescope in the Canary Islands. This small telescope will be used for automated, daytime observing of the Sun as if it was a distant star. The solar spectrum will be monitored with the HARPS-N spectrograph, calibrated with the green astro-comb, to search for the radial velocity (RV) signature of Venus.


May 2015

We had a group dinner with our diamond master Linh, David and our special
guest, baby Erik! After the group dinner, we all went to watch Avengers!


April 2015

Clear sky view at the telescopes of La Palma, taken by David Phillips, during their visit at the TNG


March 2015

We had a group outing at John Harvard to wish David Le Sage a fond farewell and all the best
in his awesome new job at Lincoln Lab!


February 2015

Alex Glenday and David Phillips construct the automated solar telescope and its enclosure. This solar telescope will be installed at the Italian National Telescope/HARPS-N in the Canary Island and will be used to detect Venus from the reflex motion of the Sun, demonstrating the possibility of detecting terrestrial exoplanets (around other stars) using the radial velocity technique.


January 2015

In January, Emma, Linh, and Ron participated in Diamondpalooza, a creative design challenge workshop focused on developing visualizations, hands-on demos, media, research narratives, and animations for the purpose of contributing to the broader understanding of NV diamond research. Over the course of this two-day brain-storming session, the Center for Integrated Quantum Materials and the Museum of Science brought together researchers, educators, documentary filmmakers, authors, and illustrators (top). We also had a reception in the Minerals, Gems, and Meteorites Gallery in the Harvard Museum of Natural History (bottom).