Photo of the Month

December 2013

Magnet configuration containing several pairs of permanent ring magnets for the purpose of producing
a uniform static magnetic field over a (~10 mm)3 volume. This apparatus has recently been incorporated
into one of the NV experimental setups for improved bulk measurements of external DC magnetic fields.


November 2013

Scan of NV fluorescence, measured using a donut-shaped laser beam, in a high-purity diamond sample.
By combining Gaussian and donut-shaped beams in a technique based on stimulated emission depletion (STED)
microscopy, it is possible to image and perform magnetometry with a spatial resolution of a few nanometers.


September 2013

Walsworth Group Photo!
Top: Huiliang Zhang, Maddy Corbett, Anat Bar-Gill, Nir Bar-Gill, Alex Glenday, Chinmay Belthangady, David Phillips
Middle: David Glenn, Stephen DeVience, Jean-Christophe Jaskula, Erik Bauch, Linh Pham, Francesco Casola
Bottom: Keigo Arai, Chih-Hao Li, Nick Langellier, Ron Walsworth, Alexei Trifonov, David Le Sage


June 2013

DAMOP 2013 was in Quebec City in Canada. We may have skipped out of the banquet a teensy bit early,
but as it turned out, because of that we managed to catch a rather beautiful sunset.


May 2013

New side-collection setup for performing high-sensitivity NV magnetic sensing. This second-
generation design will improve upon initial demonstrations discussed in this paper.


March 2013

4.7 tesla, horizontal-bore NMR/MRI instrument located in the Northwest Building
and used for studies of spin physics, bioimaging, and brain science.


February 2013

The astro-comb is working, calibrating the HARPS-N spectrograph at the Italian National Telescope, the TNG. Above is a spectrum showing an observation of the asteroid Vesta with the astro-comb used as a calibrator. The upper part of the figure is a colorized version of the raw spectrum from HARPS-N in which the individual filled circles are astro-comb calibration lines while the mostly solid vertical lines are the spectrum of the sun, reflected from Vesta. The lower section shows the spectrum converted to a a standard one dimensional plot of spectral intensity vs. wavelength with Vesta's reflected solar spectrum on top and the astro-comb calibration spectrum below.


January 2013

Chih-Hao crating up the green astro-comb to be shipped in January to the TNG
telescope and HARPS-N spectrograph in the Canary Islands.