Photo of the Month

December 2012

Experimental set-up for super-resolution optical imaging experiments (STED and mag-STED) in our Northwest Building lab.


November 2012

With a simple telescope and an optical fiber connection to our lab we can measure the solar spectrum with orders of magnitude better accuracy than it has ever been measured before. The key to this measurement is the spectrograph we have built in our lab: a fiber fed, very high resolution Fourier transform spectrograph (FTS) which is referenced to an optical frequency comb and calibrated with our astro-comb. These measurements will help us better understand the limitations of other spectrographs used in searches for planets around other stars.


September 2012

Riggers lift the optical table of the Red and Blue astro-comb into its crate at the
Fred L Whipple Observatory on Mt. Hopkins to ready its return to the CfA.


July 2012

David watching the sun set from the top of the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, Spain. Visible on the right of the photo is the Italian National Telescope, the TNG, at which HARPS-N has just completed commissioning. David, Andy Szentgyorgyi, Dimitar Sasselov, and Dave Latham have come to celebrate the successful commissioning and learn about the properties of the new instrument. David is also investigating spaces in the telescope facility to house the astro-comb, as well as enjoying a beautiful sunset.


April 2012

Stephen and Nir testing out "The Octopus," five WindFreak SynthNV RF signal generators used
for driving the resonances of nitrogen impurities in diamond as part of our NV research.


February 2012

Group night out at Cambridge Common Restaurant turned into a surprise party for Ron's 50th birthday.
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January 2012

David making friends with a local while in Australia for the Melbourne Materials Institute-Harvard Diamond Photonics Symposium

David and Nir taking advantage of some downtime at the symposium to catch a tennis game at the Australian Open