Photo of the Month

December 2011

The Walsworth Group enjoying their weekly group lunch at Tamarind House.

October 2011

Alex Glenday showing off the Fourier transform spectrograph (FTS) to other group members.

August 2011


The Tecmag Redstone console has now been installed and we acquired our first spectrum. This gives us 2 Tx channels and 9 Rx channels, as well as gradient control as before. Here are Stephen and Alyssa, having just rearranged the Techron amps (XYZ all in one rack).

July 2011

DAMOP 2011 in Atlanta, GA. Here's a picture of the Walsworth group at the MARTA station after getting caught in an epic southern thunderstorm while coming back from dinner at Fox Bros BBQ.

June 2011

Linh Pham sitting at her ubiquitous spot — by the NV imager! More information about the Nitrogen Vacancy Diamond experiment can be found here

March 2011

Alex Glenday is adjusting the alignment of the Fourier transform spectrograph (FTS) used to measure the intensity of individual laser frequency comb lines from a 1 GHz repetition rate laser. The FTS is an important diagnostic tool in our development of optical filter cavities to increase the frequency comb spacing to 20 GHz and make possible the calibration of astronomical spectrographs with a fractional accuracy and stability of <10^-10, which is critical to finding Earth-like planets around other stars. More details about this project can be found here.

February 2011

Alyssa Wilson tuning and matching a 200 MHz solenoid EPR probe that will be used in conjunction with a 276 kHz NMR probe to study dynamic nuclear polarization processes at low magnetic field (6.5 mT). In the background is the low field imager (LFI) used in several human biomaging applications. The LFI lab houses several new and novel imaging activities and its location facilitates collaboration with a wide range of biological imaging research groups. 

January 2011

David Glenn is seen here aligning optics in the new NV diamond laboratory. Centrally located in the Northwest Building on the main Harvard campus, this optical laboratory facilitates ongoing collaborations related to efforts to develop these diamond NV centers into techniques for biological imaging. More information on this ongoing project is available here.