December 2002 Group Meeting

Every Tuesday morning, the Walsworth group meets to discuss, at great length, each member's work over the previous week, as well as to debate the scintillating details of dealing with our administration. The following photos were snapped by our resident visitor, Mike Crescimanno, during December 2002, showing the meeting in full force.

Ron (center) leads the animated discussion, surrounded by (from left), Matt Rosen, Caspar van der Wal, Mason Klein and Marc Humphrey. Note the spacious surrounds, as we meet in our office ante-area, due to the penchant for higher forces to regularly remove us from our scheduled meeting room.

Marc sits next to the fax, and our most important piece of non-scientific equipment, the group espresso machine!

Group staff scientists, David Phillips and Ross Mair (left and center) have many years experience in surviving these meetings.

Most of the students group together in one corner - from center: Ruopeng Wang, Federico Cane and Leo Tsai. Matt Rosen (in foreground) always has something for show and tell - or maybe its an MP3 player.