Research Opportunities for Students & Postdocs

We have many exciting research opportunities for students and postdocs. Some of these opportunities are listed below:

  • Exoplanets - Laser frequency combs applied to astrophysics
  • Bioimaging - Super-resolution optical imaging and functionalized electron microscopy for brain science and other bioimaging applications
  • NV Diamond - Nanoscale magnetometry and spin physics with Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond
  • NMR/MRI - Development of new NMR and MRI tools, with applications to basic spin physics and medical imaging
  • Fundamental Physics - Precision tests of fundamental physical laws and symmetries using maser atomic clocks

If you're interested in joining our research group or would like to visit our labs, send an email to Ron Walsworth at Postdoc candidates should send letters of recommendation and a CV.

Both Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institution are Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employers and applications from women and underrepresented minorities are strongly encouraged.