Group Seminars

Group Seminars are held every Friday at 11:00 am in the B-105 conference room at the Center for Astrophysics.
Further details are available from Nithya Arunkumar

Upcoming Seminars

Date Speaker Topic
Mar 13 - no seminar (Ron away)
Mar 20 - no seminar (Ron away)
Mar 27 - no seminar (Ron away)
Apr 3 - no seminar (Ron away)
Apr 10 TBD
Apr 17 TBD
Apr 24 - no seminar (Ron away)
May 1 - no seminar (Ron away)
May 8 TBD


Previous seminars in 2020

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 3 - No seminar
Jan 10 Christopher Foy (Englund group) A CMOS-integrated quantum sensor based on nitrogen-vacancy centres
Jan 17 Mohsen Zaeimbashi Magnetic Stimulation and Recording of Brain Neural System
Jan 24 Giovanni Scuri / Trond Anderson (Park-Lukin collaboration) Electrically tunable valley dynamics in twisted WSe2/WSe2 bilayers
Jan 31 - no seminar (Ron away)
Feb 7 Matt Trusheim (Englund group) Towards Distributed Quantum Sensing in a Solid-State Platform
Feb 14 Leigh Martin (Lukin group) Sensing and Simulation With High-Density NV Ensembles
Feb 21 - no seminar (Ron away)
Feb 28 Mikael Backlund Proposal to probe soft condensed matter physics with NV centers
Mar 6 - no seminar, APS March Meeting


Previous seminars in 2019

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 4 Mikael Backlund New information frontiers in single-molecule biophysics
Jan 11 Ravid Shaniv Quantum-information methods for metrology with trapped ions
Jan 18 - no seminar (Ron away)
Jan 25 Raisa Trubko Strain imaging with NV centers in diamond for dark matter detection
Feb 1 - no seminar (Ron away)
Feb 8 - no seminar (Ron away)
Feb 15 - no seminar (Ron away)
Feb 21 Johannes Cremer Photoacoustic measurements of single aerosol droplets
Mar 1 Michael O'Keefe Hamiltonian Engineering with Constrained Optimization for Quantum Sensing and Control
Mar 8 Joonhee Choi Surpassing the interaction limit to quantum metrology with fault-tolerant Control
Mar 15 - no seminar (Ron away)
Mar 22 Dominik Bucher Parting thoughts
Mar 29 Linbo Shao Surface Acoustics on Piezoelectric Materials: towards Phononic Quantum Interface and Network
Apr 4 Edlyn Levine Electromagnetic Wave Interactions with Ionospheric Plasma
Apr 12 Alexei Bylinskii Molecular qubit control via NV centers: a path towards single-molecule MRI
Apr 19 Emma Rosenfeld Towards two spin-mechanical hybrid quantum systems
Apr 26 Aakash Ravi High-resolution spectroscopic studies to enable oxygen detection on exoplanets
May 3 Jenny Schloss Optimizing Nitrogen-Vacancy Diamond Magnetic Sensors and Imagers for Broadband Sensitivity
May 10 - no seminar
May 17 - no seminar (Ron away)
May 24 Harry Zhou Nanodiamond thermometers for developmental biology in C. elegans
May 31 - no seminar (DAMOP)
June 7 - no seminar (Ron away)
June 14 Mark Ku Imaging the viscous flow of a hydrodynamic electron fluid in graphene with nitrogen vacancy centers
June 21 Eric Boyers Floquet Engineering and Counterdiabatic Driving in a single NV Center
June 28 Nick Langellier Gaussian Processes and Neural Networks: Lessons Learned
July 5 Swathi Hegde Efficient coherent control of electron-nuclear spin systems via indirect control
July 12 Rivka Bekenstein Quantum metasurfaces with atom arrays
July 19 - no seminar
July 26 Tao Wang Ultrahigh Sensitivity Magnetometry and its Applications to Dark Matter Researches
Aug 2 - no group seminar
Aug 9 Nir Bar-Gill The NV platform – from fundamentals to applications
Aug 23 Ahmed Omran Many-body dynamics and entanglement in Rydberg atom arrays
Aug 30 Avinash Kumar Experiments with a Bose-Einstein condensate superfluid ring
Sep 6 - no seminar (Ron away)
Sep 13 Laura Kreidberg Exoplanet Atmosphere Characterization, Present and Future
Sep 20 Nabeel Aslam Nanoscale nuclear magnetic resonance with chemical structure resolution
Sep 27 - no seminar (Ron away)
Oct 4 - no seminar (Ron away)
Oct 11 Alex Retzker Quantum NMR spectroscopy in the strong back action limit
Oct 18 Nick Langellier and Matthew Turner QDMs for Integrated Circuits
Oct 23 Yutaka Shikano Real-time in-vivo thermometry on worms by nitrogen-vacancy center in nanodiamond
Oct 25 Christian Nguyen A nanophotonic quantum network node in diamond
Nov 1 - no seminar (Ron away)
Nov 8 - TBD
Nov 15 - Cancelled
Nov 22 - no seminar (Ron away)
Nov 29 - no seminar (holiday)
Dec 6 - no seminar (Ron away)
Dec 13 - no seminar (Ron away)
Dec 20 Yixiang Liu High-fidelity Trotter formulas for digital quantum simulation
Dec 27 - no seminar (holiday)


Previous seminars in 2018

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 5 Raisa Trubko Tune-out wavelength measurement and gyroscope demonstration using a three nanograting atom interferometer
Jan 12 - no seminar
Jan 19 James Battat Readout technologies for directional dark matter detection
Jan 26 David Phillips Two-year plan for the Sun-as-star project
Feb 2 Maddalena Delma Caiati Neuromodulation and plasticity in developing cortical microcircuits
Feb 9 Pauli Kehayias Imaging microwave fields using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
Feb 16 Daniel Podolsky Higgs mode and universal dynamics near quantum criticality
Feb 23 Jenny Bergner (Oberg group) Exploring new pathways to chemical complexity in star-forming regions
Mar 2 Connor Hart Harnessing Driven Spin Systems for Enhanced Metrology
Mar 9 Vadim Vorobyov Overview of the research with NV centers in diamond in Lebedev Physical Institute
Mar 16 Aakash Ravi Silicon nitride nonlinear photonics and possible future comb experiments
Mar 23 Soonwon Choi Quantum metrology based on discrete time-crystalline order
Mar 30 Mark Ku Imaging hydrodynamic electron flow in graphene with nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond
April 6 - no seminar
April 13 Kelvin Lee Molecules and Space, Theory and Experiment
April 20 Fei Wang High-precision Hamiltonian learning and coherent control of multi-spin systm in diamond
April 27 Mackenzie &
Alex Mathis
Using deep learning and optogentics to study motor adaptation in mice
May 4 - no seminar (CBS retreat)
May 11 Chen Zhang Manipulation and characterization of high density NV center ensembles: towards vector magnetometry and rotation measurement
May 18 Nithya Arunkumar Designer Spatial Control of Interactions in Ultracold Gases
May 25 Mikael Backlund Resolution and Gaussianity in NV-NMR
June 1 - no seminar (DAMOP)
June 8 Mengjie Yu Silicon-Chip-Based Nonlinear Photonics
June 15 Zoe Todd (Sasselov group) Cyanide on the Early Earth: Uses and Sources
June 22 Tim Milbourne The Effects of Magnetic Activity on Solar Radial Velocities Near Solar Minimum
June 29 Mian Zhang and Christian Reimer Lithium Niobate Frequency Combs
July 6 Jenny Schloss Optimizing NV ensemble magnetic field sensitivity: using all our tricks
July 13 Lihuang Zhu Optical influence on Magnetic resonance on SiP
July 20 Diana Aude Craik Using microwaves to study charge state in NV diamond
July 27 - no seminar
Aug 3 Dominik Bucher Ways to enhance concentration sensitivity of micronscale NV-NMR
Aug 9 Mouzhe Xie Progress and outcomes in NV magnetic microscopy
Aug 17 Mason Marshall (Gabrielse group) The Proton/Antiproton Magnetic Moment: Status and Prospects for a Sub-PPB Comparison
Aug 24 David Glenn, Nick Langelier & Erik Bauch Tech translation ideas
Aug 31 Pauli Kehayias Progress and outcomes in NV magnetic microscopy
Sep 7 no seminar (Ron away)
Sep 14 no seminar (Ron away)
Sep 21 David Phillips Wide-Spacing Astro-Combs for Improved Stellar Radial Velocities
Sep 28 - no seminar (Ron away)
Oct 5 David Le Sage 3D Imaging Using Photon Counting Laser Radar
Oct 12 Kevin Olsson Investigating Thermally Induced Spin Transport with Inelastic Light Scattering
Oct 19 Anna Rosen How Stellar Feedback Limits Accretion onto Massive Stars
Oct 26 - no seminar (Ron away)
Nov 2 Shannon Harvey Exploring Entanglement and Coherence in Singlet-Triplet Qubits
Nov 9 - no seminar (Ron away)
Nov 16 Julian David Alvarado-Gomez Stellar Magnetism and Space Weather in Exo-planetary Systems
Nov 23 - no seminar (Thanksgiving)
Nov 30 Maya Miklos Spectroscopic Extraction of Suppression of Convective Blueshift Near Solar Minimum
Dec 7 Connor Hart NV-Diamond Magnetometry in the NV-NV Interaction Limit
Dec 14 - no seminar (Ron away)
Dec 21 - no seminar, holiday season
Dec 28 - no seminar, holiday season


Previous seminars in 2017

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 6 Elana Urbach Towards measuring protein dynamics with NV centers
Jan 13 - no talk
Jan 20 Matthew Turner Local measurements of neuronal magnetic fields: NV diamond magnetometry
Jan 27 Aakash Ravi Modelling supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibers
Feb 3 David Phillips Precise radial velocity searches with HARPS-N
Feb 10 Emma Rosenfeld A testbed for single molecule 2D NMR and coherent spin manipulation
Feb 17 Soonwon Choi and Joonhee Choi (Lukin group) Observation of discrete time-crystalline order in a disordered dipolar many-body system
Feb 24 Ben Weiss (MIT) The Psyche Mission: Journey to a Metal World
Mar 3 Or Shemesh (Boyden group, MIT) Two-photon holographic control of single neurons expressing
somatic opsins
Mar 10 David Glenn Electromagnet Stabilization for NV-NMR Experiments
Mar 17 Igor Pikovski (ITAMP) General relativistic effects in quantum interference of photons
Mar 24 David Mason (Yale) Exceptional Points in an Optomechanical System
Mar 31 Ewa Rey (Sydney University)  Hyperpolarized Spins in Diamond
Apr 7 Jeffrey Abbott  (Park Group) CMOS-Nano-Bio Interface Array for Cardiac and Neuro Technology
Apr 14 - no talk
Apr 21 Ranga Dias Pressing the simplest element to exotic quantum states
Apr 28 Alp Sipahigil (Lukin group) Nanophotonic quantum networks with silicon-vacancy color centers in diamond
May 5 - no talk, CBS retreat
May 12 Tim Milbourne Towards improved radial-velocity exoplanet detection using solar telescope spectroscopy
May 19 Eyal Karzbrun (Weizmann Institute of Science) Biophysics on a chip: from DNA brushes to brain organoids
May 26 Nick Langellier Detection of a 1 m/s Injected Planet with Gaussian Processes
June 2 - no talk
June 9 - no talk, DAMOP
June 16 Oren Ben-Dor (Hebrew University) Molecular Chiral-based spintronics devices
June 23 Megan Stanley (University of Cambridge) Phase-tuned entangled state generation between two distant electron spins 
June 30 Harry McNamara (Cohen group) Synthetic electrophysiology: optical methods for sculpting bioelectric dynamics
July 7 - no talk
July 14 Connor Hart P1DQ: Current Understanding and Future Work
July 19 Georgia Mansell (ANU) Squeezed light for current and future gravitational wave detectors
July 21 - no talk
July 28 - no talk
Aug 4th Diana Prado Lopes Aude Craik (Univ. of Oxford) High-fidelity manipulation of trapped-ion qubits using near-field microwaves
Aug 9th
Lyman 425
Dorri Halbertal Nanoscale thermal imaging of dissipation in quantum systems and in encapsulated graphene
Aug 11th Jeff 356 Markus Muller Phenomena and patterns in driven fermion fluids
Aug 18th Steve Ramirez (CBS) Artificially activating positive and negative memories to modulate psychiatric disease-related states
Aug 25th Pauli Kehayias Ongoing and Upcoming Paths for NV Magnetic Microscopy
Sep 1st Francesco Casola When intelligence in physics is artificial
Sep 8th Junghyun (Paul) Lee Update on the NV-NV project
Sep 15th Erik Bauch Solid-state spin ensembles for ultra-high sensitivity DC magnetometry
Sep 22nd Bo Zhu (Matt Rosen group) Image reconstruction by domain transform manifold learning
Sep 29th Dima Farfurnik Pursuing many-body dynamics in medium-density spin ensembles in diamond
Oct 6th Friedemann Reinhard (TUM, Munich) Quantum Sensing of Weak Rabio-Frequency Signals by Pulsed Mollow Absorption Spectroscopy
Oct 13th Mikael Backlund Quantum limits for classical optical 3D localization microscopy
Oct 20th Smi Farhi (Cohen group) Ultra-Widefield All-Optical Neurophysiology in Tissue
Oct 27th Corinna Kufner UV-Induced Repair and Damage Reactions of DNA in the Prebiotic Context
Nov 3rd Sam Fayer (Gabrielse group) Electron magnetic moment measurement as a precise test of the standard model
Nov 10th Dominik Bucher Schemes for nuclear spin hyperpolarization for pL NMR
Nov 17th Noah Rubin Metasurface polarization optics
Nov 24th - no talk
Dec 1st Mathieu Munsch (University of Basel/Qnami ) Qnami Quantum sensing: is now time to tunnel to market
Dec 8th Daniel Berger Analyzing mouse and human cortex in 3D with large-scale serial section electron microcopy
Dec 15th Matthew Turner Progress towards magnetic field imaging from cardiac tissue
Dec 22th Chitro Chakraborty (skype talk) Quantum dots in an electrically tunable van-der Waals heterostructure
Dec 29th Peter Maurer Quantum sensing in a new single-molecular regime


Previous seminars in 2016

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Jan 8 Jenny Schloss Plan for Sensitivity Enhancement and Imaging in Neuron Experiment
Jan 15 Emma Rosenfeld Nano-NMR experiments
Jan 22 Junghyun(Paul) Lee Towards NV-NV coupling experiments
Jan 29 Matthew Turner Next steps for neuron magnetic imaging
Feb 5 Alex Cooper (MIT) Coherent control of electron spins in diamond
Feb 12 Dominik Bucher Subhertz resolution in picoliter NMR
Feb 19 Tim Milbourne First results from NV-diamond pressure sensing
Feb 26 Yuliya Dovzhenko (Yacoby group) Studying skyrmion physics with NV magnetic imaging
March 4 Connor Hart Dependence of NV-Ensemble T2* on Applied Magnetic Field
March 11 John Barry Sensitivity Improvement Methods for Ensemble NV Magnetometry
March 18 Erik Bauch The Spin bath as a resource: Ideas and initial Measurements towards NV-P1-NV Coupling
March 25 Trevor Rhone Magnetic sensing of solid-state systems with magnetic order using diamond
April 1 Huiliang Zhang Uinsg NV centers to probe magnetization dynamics in normal metal/magnetic insulator hybrid system at the nanoscale
April 8 Alexei Trifonov Prebiotic chemistry meets optics - femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy
April 15 - no talk
April 22 Elana Urbach (Lukin group) Nanoscale NQR and NMR with NV Centers
April 29 David Phillips The Solar Telescope and Observing the Transit of Mercury
May 6 Pauli Kehayias NV correlation spectroscopy with nanofabricated diamond
May 13 Sam Bayliss, Cambridge Univ. (UK) Spin-dependent processes in organic semiconductors
May 20 - no talk, CBS retreat
May 27 - no talk, DAMOP
June 3 Mikael Backlund Optical approaches for low-field vector magnetometry
June 10 David Glenn New papers, old (and new) data - Rock magnetometry and nanodiamond cathodoluminescence
June 17 Igor Pikovski (ITAMP) Gravitational wave detection with optical lattice atomice clocks
June 24 Linh Pham Quantum sensing with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond at Lincoln Laboratory
Jul 1 Ashok Ajoy Sensitive T2 limited DC Magnetometry with NV centers in diamond
Jul 8 Mark Ku Probing electronic transport in graphene with NV noise spectroscopy
Jul 15 Junghyun(Paul) Lee & John Barry Reviews of two recent papers of interest
Jul 22 Jenny Schloss Simultaneous vector magnetometry
Jul 29 Francesco Casola Solving spin structures with magnetometry measurements
Aug 5 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Updates on MIT projects
Aug 12 Nick Langellier & Quentin Neroes Detecting Earth-like exoplanets using the radial velocity method & Using combs and demos to learn about the stars
Aug 19 Emma Rosenfeld Update on the NV-dark spin polarization transfer experiments
Aug 26 Junghyun(Paul) Lee Update on NV-NV project
Sep 2 Alex Sushkov(BU) What would you do with a 3-ton diamond? Search for dark matter!
Sep 9 Connor Hart Results of P1 driving experiment
Sep 16 Matthew Turner Optically probing emitters within high-refractive index media
Sep 23 Dominik Bucher First results of the high resolution NV diamond NMR experiment
Sep 30 Huiliang Zhang Using NV centers to probe spin torque oscillation phenomena
Oct 7 Keigo Arai Assessment of applications of Fourier magnetic imaging
Oct 14 Pauli Kehayias Plan for next-gen Quantum Diamond Microscope
Oct 21 Nick Langellier Progress on Finding Venus with the Solar Telescope and Gaussian Processes
Oct 28 Toneo van der Sar (Yacoby group) Exploring condensed matter physics using NV magnetometry
Nov 4 Trevor Rhone Probing Ferromagnetic 2D Atomic Crystals
Nov 11 Tim Milbourne Searching for solar spectral correlates for magnetic activity
Nov 18 Chunhui Du (Yacoby group) Control and Local Measurement of the Spin Chemical Potential in a Magnetic Insulator 
Nov 25 - Thanksgiving
Dec 2 David Waddington (Univ. of Sydney) Imaging Nanodiamonds with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
Dec 9 Erik Bauch Final results from spin bath spectral decomposition project
Dec 16 Mikael Backlund Recent progress in optical decomposition of ensemble NV ODMR; proposal for intracellular single magnetic particle tracking
Dec 23 Deblina Sarkar (MIT) Neurotechnology meets Nanoelectronics
Dec 30 - No group seminar


Previous seminars in 2015

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 02 Pauli Kehayias Exploring Nitrogen-Vacancy Defect Centers from an AMO Physics Perspective
Jan 09 Roger Fu Exploring the early solar system with paleomagnetism
Jan 16 Courtney Dressing The Frequency of Potentially Habitable Planets Orbiting Small Stars and the Characterization of Planets Orbiting Bright Kepler Targets
Jan 23 Ran Fischer Towards diamond-assisted MRI: Room-temperature nuclear polarization enhancement in bulk diamond
Jan 30 Toeno van der Sar Exploring magnetism in the condensed matter
Feb 06 Alex Glenday Progress on the Solar Telescope
Feb 13 Jean-Christophe Jaskula High-sensitivity single NV magnetometry by spin-to-charge state mapping
Feb 20 David Glenn Magnetic Imaging of Early Earth Rocks
Feb 27 David Le Sage Parting Thoughts
Mar 06 Nick Langellier Atomic Clocks as Gravitational Wave Detectorss
Mar 13 Matt Rosen Low-Cost, High-Performance Millitesla MRI
Mar 20 You Zhou Electronic Phase Control in Electrolyte-Gated Transistors
Mar 27 Huiliang Zhang Proposed new experiments on magnetic materials
Apr 03 John Barry & Matthew Turner Neuron Magnetic Imaging with NV-Diamond
Apr 10 Linh Pham NV diamond: Past, present & future
Apr 17 Erik Bauch Noise Spectroscopy and Coherent Dynamics in a Nuclear and Electronic Spin Bath
Apr 24 Keigo Arai New ideas of geometric phase experiments using NV centers in diamond
May 01 Francesco Casola Magnetic Imaging of Topological Spin Patterns
May 08 Mark Ku (MIT) Probing the strongly interacting fermionic superfluid with quantum gas experiments
May 15 - no talk, CBS retreat
May 22 Emma Rosenfeld NV Physics: A Qualitative Picture of its Wave Functions
May 29 Cora Dvorkin Traces of Cosmic Neutrinos in the CMB and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
Jun 05 - DAMOP practice talks
Jun 12 - no talk, DAMOP
Jun 19 Alexei Trifonov Origins of Life Initiative: UV Lab status update
Jun 26 Tim Milbourne Pressure Imaging with NV-Diamond
Jul 03 Matthew Turner Magnetic Imaging of Action Potential from Single Neurons: The Biology/Neuroscience
Jul 10 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Spin readout via spin-to-charge state conversion with NV ensemble & nNV gyroscope
Jul 17 Igor Lovchinsky Quantum Logic-based Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Single Protein Sensitivity
Jul 24 Alex Glenday Testing of the Automated Solar Telescope
Jul 31 Chih-Hao Li Astro-Comb Automation
Aug 7 Nick Langellier Atomic Clocks as Gravitational Wave Detectors
Aug 14 Junghyun(Paul) Lee Updates on geometric phase projects and plan for applications
Aug 21 Huiliang Zhang Progress on materials science studies using NV-diamond
Aug 28 Alex Sushkov Magnetic Resonance with Single Nuclear-Spin Sensitivity
Sep 4 Dominik Bucher Sub-cellular MRI
Sep 11 David Glenn Magnetic imaging of meteorites and early-Earth rocks
Sep 18 John Barry Progress on single neuron magnetic imaging
Sep 25 Ashok Ajoy High resolution spin sensing with NV centers in diamond
Oct 2 Erik Bauch Suppression of Decoherence by Disorder in mixed Spin Ensembles
Oct 9 Keigo Arai Optical lattice clocks for deterministic earthquake prediction
Oct 16 Francesco Casola Measuring magnetic charges of a skyrmion lattice using NV center-based scanning magnetometry
Oct 23 David Phillips Update on the Search for Venus
Oct 30 Mike Goldman Phonon-induced coupling and intersystem crossing in nitrogen-vacancy centers
Nov 6 Pauli Kehayias Paleomagnetism with NV magnetic microscopy
Nov 13 Raphaelle Haywood (Charbonneau group) Breaking the stellar activity barrier in the quest for other Earths
Nov 20 Mark Ku Ideas towards detecting nuclear spins in solid state systems with NVs
Nov 27 - Thanksgiving
Dec 4 Jeffrey Schwartz (UCLA) What’s on The Outside Counts Too: Surface-Dipole Modulated Assembly
Dec 11 Igor Pikovski Fundamental physics and cosmology using quantum techniques
Dec 18 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Updates on MIT projects
Dec 25 - Christmas


Previous seminars in 2014

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 03   No talk
Jan 10 David Glenn & David Le Sage Plan for diamond magnetic imager studies of meteorite samples
Jan 17 Maddy Corbett NVs and neurobiology: challenges & feasibility
Jan 24 David Phillips,
Nabila Tanjeem & Nick Langellier
Plans for the Astro-comb at HARPS-N for Winter/Spring 2014,
Results and Discussion of Recent Nanowire Growth on PCF
Jan 31 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Updates on the latest mag-STED results
Feb 07 Keigo Arai Nanoscale Fourier magnetic imaging using NV centers in diamond
Feb 14 Ashok Ajoy Efficient nuclear spin polarization and sensing with NV centers in diamond
Feb 21 Alexei Trifonov Charge-state-dependent NV spin measurements and STED imaging
Feb 28 Stephen DeVience Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of Liquid Samples via Spin Injection
Mar 07 John Barry & Keigo Arai Pressure sensing with magnetostrictive coatings on NV-diamond
Mar 14 David Glenn Plan for DNA-PAINT STED imaging
Mar 21 Francesco Casola Results from NV FMR experiments
Mar 28 Jan Gieseler Dynamics of Levitated Nanoparticles in High Vacuum
Apr 04 David Le Sage & Junghyun(Paul) Lee Toward Improved NV-Diamond Magnetometry by Controlling the
Electronic Spin Bath
Apr 11 Nick Langellier Precision Measurements of Stellar Line Profiles
Apr 18 Linh Pham Shallow NV centers: Investigations of depth and spin properties
Apr 25 Jo Cuppens Scanning SQUID-on-tip: a novel tool for the study of nanomagnetic phenomena
May 02 Mason Klein Cold circuits in the Drosophila larva
May 09 Alyssa Wilson Understanding Synaptic Rearrangement in the Developing Cerebellum Using Serial Scanning Electron Microscopy
May 16 - no talk, CBS Retreat
May 23 Keigo Arai & Chinmay Belthangady Proposal of geometric quantum computing and quantum sensing using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
May 30 Dominik Bucher Investigation of DNA-photophysics with fs-IR-spectroscopy: From single bases to natural DNA
Jun 06 - no talk, DAMOP
Jun 13 Swati Singh Levy flights in laser cooling of nuclear spins in diamond
Jun 20 Mathieu Sarracanie Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 6.5 mT – 2014 Update
Jun 27 - no talk, Ron away
Jul 04 - no talk, holiday
Jul 11 David Le Sage Plans for Upcoming Magnetotactic Bacteria Experiments
Jul 18 Huiliang Zhang Nanoscale resolution selective control and imaging of NV centers in diamond with magnetic field gradient
Jul 25 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Selective spin measurement with superresolution and implementation of a charge state readout with NVs in bulk diamond
Aug 01 Alex Glenday Solar measurements with Astro-comb calibration
Aug 08 - no talk, ICAP conference
Aug 15 Tim Eichhorn Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with Paramagnetic Centers Created by Photo-Excitation
Aug 22 Pradeep Ramesh Biological imaging and control of cellular function using genetically encoded magnetic reporters
Aug 29 Erik Bauch & Junghyun(Paul) Lee Plans for Spectral Decomposition Experiments
Sep 05 Tout Wang Small Diatomic Alkali Molecules at Ultracold Temperatures
Sep 12 - no talk, QuASAR review meeting
Sep 19 Joonhee Choi & Georg Kucsko Recent advances in probing temperature dependent early stage cell development in Caenorhabditis elegans as well as investigating the quantum dynamics of a strongly interacting spin ensemble
Sep 26 John Barry & Matthew Turner Towards detection of neuron firing events with NV diamond
Oct 3 David Glenn Update on Nanoscale Imaging Experiments
Oct 10 Alexei Trifonov Towards single -shot spin readout: NV magnetometry via ionization
Oct 17 Chih-Hao Li Progress in green astro-comb automation
Oct 24 Francesco Casola Progress in NV probing of magnetic materials
Oct 31 Igor Lovchinsky & Alex Sushkov Nuclear magnetic resonance using NV centers in diamond
Nov 07 Tim Milbourne & Linh Pham Plan for demonstrating cellular mri with NV centers in diamond
Nov 14 - no talk
Nov 21 Keigo Arai & Junghyun(Paul) Lee Progress on geometric phase experiments using NV centers in diamond
Nov 28 - no talk, Thanksgiving
Dec 05 David Le Sage Update on the precision diamond magnetometer project using side collection
Dec 12 David Phillips Applications of the Solar Telescope and Astro-comb to Exoplanets and Fundamental Physics
Dec 19 Yuliya Dovzhenko, Mehmet Cengiz Onbasli, & Huiliang Zhang Using Nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond to probe novel physical phenomena in condensed matter systems
Dec 26 - no talk, Christmas


Previous seminars in 2013

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 04 Nir Bar-Gill Quantum spin simulators with NV centers in diamond
Jan 11 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Report from Hell Lab
Jan 18 Nathalie de Leon Quantum networks with diamond nanophotonics
Jan 25 Alexei Trifonov Progress in spin-GSD development
Feb 01 Linh Pham
Keigo Arai
Progress on studying 13C-enriched diamond samples
Phase encoding technique for super-resolution NV magnetometry
Feb 08 Nir Bar-Gill Plan for nano-MRI with NV centers in diamond
Feb 15 Matthew Sarracanie Performing MRI at 6.5 mT
Feb 22 Meredith Frey Citius, Altius, Fortius – The Quest for Faster Imaging, Higher
Resolution, and Stronger Signal in MRI of Solids
Mar 01 Shanying Cui Study of diamond surface chemistry and its effects on near-surface NVs
Mar 08 Chih-Hao Li Results from astro-comb at TNG/HARPS-N
Mar 15 Roger Fu The magnetism of meteorites as a window onto solar system formation
Mar 22 Alexei Trifonov, Anat Benado, David Glenn Axon pulse sensing using NV-diamond magnetometry: Planning the experiment
Mar 29 Jason Dittmann The Second Oldest Problem in the Second Oldest Profession : Trigonometric Parallaxes from the MEarth Survey
Apr 05 Nir Bar-Gill & David Glenn Report from Ulm (Fedor Jelezko's group)
Apr 12 Chinmay Belthangady Compressive Sensing for Phase Encoding
Apr 19   No talk
Apr 26 Colin Connolly Magnetic nanoparticle labels for detection of biological targets
May 03 Keigo Arai Phase encoding technique for super-resolution NV magnetometry
May 10 Alex Glenday Data Analysis of the Astro-Comb on HARPS-N
May 17   No talk, CBS Retreat
May 24 Maddy Corbett & David Glenn Plan for neuron magnetic imaging
May 31   practice DAMOP talks
Jun 07   No talk, DAMOP
Jun 14 Erik Bauch Super-resolution optical imaging and magnetometry using NV centers in diamond
Jun 21 Kasturi Saha Nonlinear Optics in Nanophotonic structures
Jun 28 Nick Langellier Application of HARPS-N to astro-seismology
Jul 05   No talk
Jul 12 Stephen DeVience Nanoscale MRI with NV-diamond
Jul 19 David Le Sage Progress on the 2nd generation side-collection NV magnetometer
Jul 26 Nir Bar-Gill Some thoughts and ideas on possible NV experiments
Aug 02   No talk
Aug 08 John Barry Prospective post-doc talk
Aug 16 Chih-Hao Li Report from July astro-comb trip to TNG/HARPS-N
Aug 23 Linh Pham Update on nuclear spin sensing using single NV centers
Aug 30 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Mag-STED results and singlet state repumping
Sep 06 Ashok Ajoy High resolution Hartmann-Hahn sensing
Sep 13 David Phillips Application of Laser Frequency Combs and Nitrogen Vacancy Diamond Magnetometers to Searches for New Physics
Sep 20 Francesco Casola Plan for imaging patterns of quantum magnetic fields in advanced materials
Sep 27 Alexei Trifonov Analysis of schemes for NV-based super-resolution imaging and magnetometry
Oct 04 Maddy Corbett Nuclear Spin Sensing: An Overview
Oct 11 Keigo Arai Nanoscale Fourier magnetic imaging by phase encoding technique
Oct 18 Alex Glenday Latest Data Analysis from Astro-Comb Calibration of HARPS-N
Oct 25 Colin Connolly & David Glenn Magnetic detection of rare cells with NV diamond magnetic imager
Nov 01 Dimitar Sasselov Prebiotic Photochemistry: Astrophysical UV Sources and Lab "Analogs"
Nov 08 Chinmay Belthangady & Huiliang Zhang Magnetometry below the optical diffraction limit via phase encoding
Nov 15 Erik Bauch Latest results on Super-resolution optical imaging and magnetometry using NV centers in diamond
Nov 22 David Rousso Spatial organization of a novel retinal cell type on a 2-dimensional hexagonal lattice
Nov 29   No talk
Dec 06 Linh Pham, Francesco Casola, Stephen DeVience, Eric Bersin Determination of NV depth from proton spin measurements
Dec 13 Stephen DeVience Comparison of Methods for Nuclear Spin Detection with NVs
Dec 20 Chih-Hao Li,
Alex Glenday
Plan for developing a turn-key green astro-comb,
Recent Astro-Comb Data Analysis: PSF Application to Th:Ar and CCD Mask Errors
Dec 27   No talk


Previous seminars in 2012

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 06 David Le Sage Prospects for electric field imaging using NV centers
Jan 13 Colm Ryan Coherence and Control in NV Centres
Jan 20 Paola Cappellaro Updates from the Quantum Engineering Group
Jan 27 Nir Bar-Gill & David Le Sage Highlights from the 2012 MMI-Harvard Diamond Photonics Conference
Feb 03 Alex Glenday First Measurements of an Astro-Comb with an FTS
Feb 10 Jason Stockman New Strategies for Accelerated Spatial Encoding with Quadratic
Fields in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Feb 17 Anat Bar-Gill Prospects of magnetic sensing of oxidative burst in Neutrophils
Feb 24 Linh Pham Preferential orientation of NV centers in diamond
Mar 02   APS March Meeting -- no talk
Mar 09 Chinmay Belthangady Coherent control of nitrogen defects in diamond
Mar 16 Stephen DeVience The SUCCESS and SLIC Singlet-State NMR Experiments
Mar 23 Keiji Nishida Bio-magnetism, biogenic nanoparticles and synthetic signaling pathway
Mar 30 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Progress on STED techniques and perspectives of bio-application
Apr 06 Huiliang Zhang Cathodoluminescence of Color Centers in Nanodiamond
Apr 13 David Glenn Progress Towards Nanodiamond Tissue Staining and Prospects for
Apr 20 Chih-Hao Li Green astro-comb for HARPS-N (progress report)
Apr 27 Nir Bar-Gill Magnetic measurements of graphene
May 04 Mikey Shulman Entanglement of Singlet Triplet Qubits Using the Exchange Interaction
May 11   No talk
May 18 David Le Sage Progress toward biomagnetism measurements using a NV wide-field imager
May 25 Aleem Siddiqui Cavity-Enhanced Optical ParametricChirp Pulse Amplification: Toward Octave Spanning Gain with Perfect Conversion
Jun 01   DAMOP Practice Talks
Jun 08   No talk, attending DAMOP
Jun 15 Alexei Trifonov & Jean-Christophe Jaskula Progress on STED and Dark State Measurements (?)
Jun 22 Nick Langellier Nanowire Growth on Photonic Crystal Fiber by Pulsed Femtosecond Laser Deposition
Jun 29 Shimon Kolkowitz Coherent sensing of a mechanical resonator and remote nuclear
spins using a single spin qubit in diamond.
Jul 06   No talk
Jul 13   No talk
Jul 20 Shu-Wei Huang High-energy sub-cycle optical waveform synthesizer
Jul 27 Jinkang Lim Large mode spacing Yb doped fiber laser comb for next generation astro-comb
Aug 3 Alyssa Wilson Immunolabeling: Some Theory Relevant to EM/LM Tissue Prep
Aug 10 Duo Li Optical Frequency Comb Based Ultra-Low Phase-Noise Microwave Oscillator
Aug 17 David Phillips Demonstration Measurements with the Astro-comb at HARPS-N
Aug 24 David Glenn Lessons from Woods Hole summer school
Aug 31 Devid Le Sage Optical magnetic imaging of bacteria under ambient conditions
Sep 07 Mary Chessey Optimizing Cathodoluminescence Detection
Sep 14 Alex Glenday Plan for DARPA Pulse program
Sep 21 Alex Sushkov Nanoscale magnetic field sensing with NV-centers in diamond
Sep 28 Anat Bar-Gill & Jean-Christophe Jaskula STED imaging of neuromuscular junction
Oct 05 Keigo Arai Phase encoding in NV electron spins
Oct 12 Chinmay Belthangady Dressed-State Polarization Transfer between Bright and Dark spins in Diamond
Oct 19 Huiliang Zhang Silicon Vacancy defect in diamond
Oct 26 Stephen DeVience SLIC Spectroscopy in the Low Field Imager
Nov 02 Linh Pham Extending NV spin coherence via dynamical decoupling at low temperature
Nov 09 Stephen DeVience Discussion of "Robust absolute magnetometry with organic thin-film devices"
Nov 16 Ronnie Kosloff Quantum Absorption Refrigerators and the III-Law of Thermodynamics
Nov 23   No talk, Thanksgiving
Nov 30 David Glenn Toward magnetometry measurements of living MTB
Dec 04 Amir Capua Direct observation of the coherent light-matter interaction in room-temperature semiconductors
Dec 07 Georg Kucsko Temperature sensing with nanodiamonds
Dec 14 Michael Grinolds Scanning magnetometry and magnetic resonance imaging with single nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
Dec 17 Francesco Casola Aspects of quantum magnetism in quasi one-dimensional materials
Dec 21 David Phillips Astro-comb plans and prospects
Dec 28   No talk


Previous seminars in 2011

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 07 David Le Sage Substitutional Nitrogen Electron Spin Polarization in Diamond for Enhanced Magnetometry (part II)
Jan 14 Nir and Chinmay Dynamical Decoupling and Spectral Decomposition Studies in NV Centers
Jan 21 Keigo Arai Plan for +/- NV magnetometry studies
Jan 28 Boerge Hemmerling Towards Direct Frequency Comb Spectroscopy with Trapped Ions
Feb 04 Stephen DeVience Relaxation of the Long-Lived Singlet State
Feb 11 Alyssa Wilson Neuronal current imaging with low-field MRI
Feb 18 David Glenn Nanodiamond cathodoluminescence and expected magnetic field signals from neurons
Feb 25 David Phillips Plan for HARPS-N
Mar 04 Alexei Trifonov STED system and plan for bio experiments
Mar 11 John Hopfield Broadcast of talk on neuroscience by John Hopfield
Mar 18 Linh Pham Dynamic decoupling of NV ensembles
Mar 25 Stephen DeVience Plans for Singlet Experiments
Apr 01 Peter Maurer Progress on experiments with NV spins
Apr 01 Mike Grinolds Quantum control of proximal spins using nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging
Apr 08 Matt Rosen New Methods of Low-Field MRI for Application to TBI
Apr 15 Huiliang Zhang SEM and TEM studies of nanodiamonds
Apr 22 Chih-Hao Li & Alex Glenday Progress on green astro-comb & FTS development
Apr 29 Yiqiao Tang Enhanced enantioselectivity in excitation of chiral molecules by superchiral light
May 06 Peggy Lo Surface functionalization of NV diamond
May 13 Ron Walsworth Talk by Ron Walsworth at the CBS retreat
May 20 Nir Bar-Gill Spectral decomposition of a solid-state spin environment through quantum control of a spin impurity
May 27 David LeSage NV Ensemble Magnetometry with High Fluorescence Detection Efficiency Using the "Side Collection" Technique
Jun 03 Peter Maurer Long-lived solid-state room-temperature quantum memory
Jun 10   DAMOP practice talks
Jun 17   No talk, attending DAMOP
Jun 24 Jacob Bean exoplanet science with G-CLEF
Jul 01 David Phillips Plan for HARPS-N
Jul 08 Noah Chang update from Kaertner lab
Jul 15 Keigo Arai studies of NV absorption
Jul 22 Silvija Gradecak Research Overview
Jul 29 Alyssa Wilson Modeling of neuronal current imaging
Aug 05 Stephen DeVience Prospects for nuclear singlet states in NV diamond
Aug 12 David Glenn Multi-color super-resolution imaging with nanoparticle cathodoluminescence
Aug 19 Chih-Hao Li Progress on visible wavelength astro-combs
Aug 26 Mason Klein Update from Samuel lab
Sep 02 Maja Cassidy Update on DNP and nanoparticle MRI experiments
Sep 09 Alexei Trifonov & Bobby Kasthuri STED system and plan for bio experiments
Sep 16 Huiliang Zhang Controlling surface properties and other color centers in diamond
Sep 23 Alex Glenday Astro-comb characterization with FTS
Sep 30 Jean-Christophe Jaskula Atom optics experiments at Institut d'Optique
Oct 07 Chinmay Belthangady Environment-assisted NV magnetometry
Oct 14 Chris Farrar NMR investigations at Martinos
Oct 21 Birgit Hausmann Update on diamond research in Loncar Lab
Oct 28   No talk, Ron in Chile
Nov 04 Chih-Hao Li & Nick Langellier Discovery and the solution of the mystery of the PCF filament
Nov 11 David Le Sage A method for super-resolution microscopy with nanodiamonds
Nov 18 James McIver Photon helicity dependent currents in a topological insulator
Nov 25   No talk, Thanksgiving
Dec 02 Yiwen Chu Update on cryogenic NV experiments
Dec 09 Matthew Webber Characterization of the stability of astrophysical calibration systems through FTS Data Analysis
Dec 16 Igor Aharonovich Fabrication of thin diamond membranes for quantum information processing
Dec 23   No talk
Dec 30   No talk



Date Speaker Topic
Jan 01   No talk
Jan 08 Nir Bar-Gill TBA
Jan 15 Thomas Babinec A Diamond Nanowire Single Photon Antenna
Jan 22 Josh Winn (MIT) Exoplanet thoughts
Jan 29   No talk
Feb 05 Mason Klein TBA
Feb 12 Linh Pham NV physics and oral exam practice
Feb 19 Chan Gyu Joo Dynamic nuclear polarization at high magnetic field
Feb 26 Stephen DeVience Overview of DNP Methods
Mar 05 David Glenn Physics of ion optodes
Mar 12   No talk
Mar 19 SHomeek TBA
Mar 26 Chih-Hao Li Development of visible wavelength astro-combs
Apr 02 Dan Rugar Special seminar at Physics Dept., 10 am (arranged by Yacoby group)
Apr 09 Matt Rosen Tour of new Martinos lab for low-field MRI
Apr 16 Rita Kalra Antihydrogen experiment
Apr 23 David Glenn Physics of ion optodes
Apr 30 Nan Yang Manipulating quantum coherence in room temperature liquids to image through scattering media
May 07 Graciana Puentes Distributed entangled photonic states and applications
May 14 Ron Walsworth Talk at CBS retreat
May 21   Stephen DeVience followed by DAMOP practice talks and poster review after lunch
May 28   DAMOP
Jun 04 David Le Sage & Linh Pham NVB imager results
Jun 11 Sam Patz Xe lung imaging
Jun 18 Xiaolong Hu TBA
Jun 25   No talk 
Jul 02   No talk 
Jul 09   No talk 
Jul 16   No talk 
Jul 23 Peter Maurer NV Quantum Information Experiments in the Lukin Lab
Jul 30 Jacob Bean Infrared Exoplanet Work at CRIRES
Aug 06 Jamu Alford Delta-enhanced relaxation in MR: field-cycled MRI for molecular imaging applications
Aug 13 Bobby Kasthuri & Hirohide Iwasaki Connectome project in Lichtman Lab
Aug 20 Chih-Hao Li Journal Club, "Coherent Perfect Absorber"
Aug 27 Stephen DeVience Progress on creation of novel NMR states in biomolecules
Sep 03 Shimon Kolkowitz TBA
Sep 10 Ye Zhao & David Le Sage NV side collection & absorption measurements
Sep 17 David Phillips Astro-comb calibration of TRES
Sep 24 Justin Brown (Romalis group, Princeton) Lorentz symmetry test using K-3He co-magnetometer
Oct 01 Chih-Hao Li TBA 
Oct 08 Alex Glenday Practice thesis defense talk
Oct 15 David Glenn Diamond nanoparticles for bioimaging
Oct 22 Victor Acosta TBA
Oct 29 Nir Bar-Gill New ideas for cooling a diamond tip with NVs
Nov 05 Chih-Hao Li TBA
Nov 12   No talk
Nov 19 Alex Glenday Practice thesis defense talk
Nov 26   No talk
Dec 03 Thomas Witzel The SIRS method for NMR measurement of neuronal currents
Dec 10 Huiliang Zhang Physics of cathodoluminescence in diamond
Dec 17 David Le Sage Improved NV magnetometry using side-collection
Dec 24   No talk
Dec 31   No talk



Date Speaker Topic
Jan 16 Heather Clark (Draper Labs) tba
Jan 23 Chih-Hao Li Job practice talk
Jan 30 Maja Cassidy (Marcus Group) Update on Si MRI project
Feb 06 Linh Pham NV diamond physics for AMO types
Feb 13 Claire Cramer Tunable laser calibration of Hectochelle
Feb 20 Jacob Robinson (Harvard Chem) Nanodevices for measuring and manipulating neural networks
Feb 27 Hadar Steinberg (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) Electrical transport through colloidal nano-particles
Mar 06 Seb Drave & Cullen Blake (CfA) M-dwarf planet studies using astro-comb
Mar 13 Dirk Englund (???) Quantum and Classical Information Processing in Photonic Crystals
Mar 20 Linh Pham & Daniyar Nurgaliev Modeling magnetic fields generated by neurons and detection using NV diamond magnetometry
Mar 27 Jero Maze & Peter Maurer (Harvard Physics) Towards optical magnetometry with sub-wavelength spatial resolution using individual spins in diamond
Apr 03 Chih-Hao Li Progress report on the phase error measurement of the astro-comb on Mt. Hopkins
Apr 10 Dan Chonde Johnson noise in resistive coils and the implication for inductive NMR detection
Apr 17 Sofia Magkiriadou (Doyle Group) EIT experiments with buffer gas cooled atoms & molecules
Apr 24 Tsun Kwan Yeung & David Le Sage Test of NVB imager using coil array
May 01 Mike Hohensee Testing Fundamental Lorentz Symmetries of Light, and Other Stuff
May 08 Zachary Dutton QSense: remote sensing with quantum states
May 15   DAMOP practice talks
May 29 Sofia Magkiriadou (Doyle Group) Towards quantum and non-linear optics with buffer-gas cooled atoms and molecules
Jun 05 Ross Mair Roll Your Own Scanner II: Novel Systems for Lung Imaging with Hyperpolarized Noble Gases
Jun 12 Rachel Scheidegger Studying obesity and asthma with new imaging techniques
Jun 19 Paul Stanwix NV magnetometry via optical absorption
Jun 26 David Phillips Astro-comb Prospects
Jul 10 Tsun Kwan Yeung Micron-sized Wire Array Fabrication and It's Application for NVB Imager
Jul 24 Linh Pham and David Le Sage NVBI results
Jul 31 Ryan McGorty (Manoharan group) Using Holographic Microscopy to Study Colloids: Liquid Interfaces and Phase Transitions
Aug 07 Patrick Maletinsky (Yacoby group) Scanning diamond nanotip magnetometer
Aug 14 David Phillips Results from recent astro-comb measurements
Aug 21 Chih-Hao Li Moving towards 1 cm/s accuracy on the radial velocity measurement: Progress report on the phase error measurement of the astro-comb on Mt. Hopkins
Aug 28 David Glenn (???) Towards laser cooling of molecules from a buffer-gas beam source
Sep 04 Rita Kalra Beam profiles and EIT
Sep 11 Maja Cassidy Update on Si MRI project
Sep 18 Paul Hamilton (DeMille group) tba
Sep 25 Alexey Gorshkov Quantum Zeno effect and its application to NV-based quantum computing
Oct 02 David Le Sage All about confocal microscopy
Oct 09 My Linh Pham Discussion of a recent paper about NV diamonds
Oct 16 Noah Chang and Andrew Benedick (Kaertner group) Blue astro-comb
Oct 23 Paul Stanwix Discussion of a recent paper about NV diamonds
Oct 30 Matt Rosen & Stephen DeVience Relocation and rebuild of LFI at Martinos
Nov 06 Tsun Kwan Yeung Practice oral exam
Nov 13 Stephen DeVience Ortho- and Para-Hydrogen
Nov 20 Jero Maze and Peter Maurer Applications of mag-STED to quantum information
Nov 27   No talk
Dec 04 Wei Min (Xie group) Stimulated emission microscopy
Dec 11 David Phillips Astro-comb opportunities
Dec 18 Heather Knutson Exoplanet Studies
Dec 22 Andreas Velten TBA
Dec 25   No talk



Date Speaker Topic
Jan 04 Mike Hohensee & Mason Klein This talk is NOT titled 'The ABC's of EIT'
Jan 11 Matt Rosen & David Phillips Siemens reloaded: novel magnetometry for MRI
Jan 18 Heather Knutson (CfA) Portraits of Distant Worlds: Characterizing the Properties of Extrasolar Planets
Jan 25 David Phillips & Chih-Hao Li Astro-comb Q&A
Feb 01 Rita Kalra Effect of Beam Shape on Zeeman EIT
Feb 08 Rachel Scheidegger & Dan Chonde From Phil to Martinos: future directions for lung imaging studies
Feb 15 Jero Maze (Lukin group) Implementing Nitrogen-Vacancy defects as Magnetometers (First Principle)
Feb 22 Claire Cramer Prospects for a Sandage-Loeb Test
Feb 29 Alison Hill & Linh Pham (Marcus group) Si nanoparticle MRI update
Mar 07 Alex Johnson (Harvard Physics) Low Temperature Micro-scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Mar 21 Mason Klein Slow-light-from-EIT and stored light efficiency developments
Mar 28 Wilson Barros Plans for upgrading low-field imager and using it for lung imaging
Apr 04 Yulia Gurevich (Gabrielse group) Polar molecule EDM experiment
Apr 18 Rita Kalra storing squeezed states
Apr 25 Darrick Chang Nanoscale quantum optics
May 02 Jim Phillips (CfA) A Sounding Rocket Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle
May 09 Paul Stanwix B-field Imaging using NV diamond magnetometry: The NVB Imager
May 16 Matt Rosen & David Phillips Siemens: Resolutions
May 23   DAMOP practice talk session
Jun 06 Aaron Grant (Beth Israel) new concepts from basic physics applied to biomedical MRI
Jun 13 Claire Cramer New ideas for astro-comb applications
Jun 20 Markus Greiner (Harvard Physics) Quantum simulations with ultracold atoms
Jul 25 Matt Rosen 3He hyperpolarization and storage instrumentation
Aug 15 Mike Hohensee Constraining Isotropic Shifts in the Speed of Light
Aug 22 Maja Cassidy (Marcus group) Update on Si MRI project
Aug 29 Mackie Van Camp Results from g(2)/radiation-trapping experiment
Sep 05 Cullen Blake (CfA) M-dwarf planet searches using astro-comb
Sep 12 Chih-Hao Li and Noah Chang Next steps in astro-comb development
Sep 19 Yanhong Xiao Faraday effect in novel materials
Sep 26 Alexey Gorshkov (Lukin group) Suppression of Inelastic Collisions B/w Polar Molecules With a Repulsive Shield and Alkaline-Earth Atoms as Few-Qubit Quantum Registers
Oct 03 Sungkun Hong (Yacoby group) Update on nano-tip NV magnetometer
Oct 17 Aravinthan Samuel (Harvard Physics) Bioimaging
Oct 24 Guillermo Torres (CfA) Fundamental Properties of Stars, and Introduction to Eclipsing Binaries
Oct 31 Paul Stanwix & Linh Pham NVB imager update
Nov 07 David Le Sage (Gabrielse group) First Production of Antihydrogen within a Combined Penning-Ioffe Trap
Nov 14 Dan Chonde Progress Towards A Combined PET/MRI System
Nov 21 Prashant Jain (Cohen group) Surface Plasmon Resonance Enhanced Magneto-Optics (SuPREMO)
Dec 05 Kevin Covey (CfA) M dwarfs
Dec 12 Wilson Barros New data on Xe NMR in granular media
Dec 19 Jero Maze (Lukin group) NV magnetometry and N@C60



Date Speaker Topic
Jan 05 Jeronimo Maze (Lukin group) Angular dependence of spin coherenceeffects in nitrogen-vacancy diamond
Jan 12 Jacob Aptekar Brute Force Hyperpolarization in Silicon Nanoparticles
Jan 19 Tun Wang (UConn) Anomalous intensity correlation and anticorrelation in
Jan 26 Anatoly Dementyev (MIT) Low temperature DNP in 29Si
Feb 02 Alex Glenday First few months data from Lorentz symmetry tests with the dual noble gas maser
Feb 09 Cindy Hancox Update on small-cell N-resonance studies
Feb 16 Mike Hohensee First results from vapor cell studies to enable an Ives-Stilwell test
Feb 23 David Phillips Thoughts and plans for stored light experiments
Mar 02 Naomi Ginsburg (Hau group) "The medium is the message": Manipulating optical information with coherent atomic wavefunctions
Mar 09 Jake Taylor (MIT) Possible limits to NV center-based magnetometry
Mar 16 Franz Kaertner (MIT) Octave Spanning Lasers, Frequency Combs and Optical Clocks
Mar 23 Jacob Aptekar Overhauser-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (oMRI)
Mar 30 Leo Tsai Update of LFI development and near-term 3He human lung studies
Apr 06 Yanhong Xiao & Mason Klein Using atoms to split light in a coated cell
Apr 13 Chi-Hao Li 3He polarizer hardware advances
Apr 20 Padraig Cantillon-Murphy (MIT) RF-modulation of the complex susceptibility of magnetic nanoparticles
Apr 27 Alex Glenday Resonant Circuit Stability in the Dual Noble Gas Maser
May. 04 Richard Hickman (AMP/HEA) The POEM Capacitance Gauges
May. 18 Ana Batrachenko & Rachel Scheidegger Recent lung imaging experiments in the open-access imager
May. 25 Pablo Londero (Prentiss group) Nonlinear Optics in 2D+1 Pencil-Shaped MOTs
Jun 01 Julien Le Gouet (Observatoire de Paris) Cold atom absolute gravimeter
Jun 15 Wilson Barros (Vanderbilt U) Enhancement in Low-Field MRI
Jun 22 Susie Huang (HST) Avalanching Amplification of Sensitivity and Contrast by Feedback-Enhanced NMR and MRI
Jul 13 Jon Marmurek & Rob Barton Si nanoparticle characterization/functionalization
Jul 20 Paul Stanwix Test of Lorentz invariance in electrodynamics using rotating cryogenic sapphire microwave oscillators
Jul 27 Ross Mair Back to ... 2003: NMR studies of Xenon gas diffusion and flow in porous media
Aug 03 Alex Glenday Progress Towards an Anomalous Neutron Spin-Spin Coupling Measurement
Aug 17 Yanhong Xiao Coherence in EIT noise spectroscopy
Aug 24 Masha Baryakhtar EIT basics
Aug 24 Cleo Leung Other basics
Aug 31 Tun Wang (UConn) Diffusion induced decoherence of stored optical vortices and the effects of diffusion on stored images
Sep 07 Michael Hohensee Quantum Properties of Coated Cell Beamsplitters
Sep 14 Rachel Scheidegger & Paola Cappellaro Inhomogeneous field correction in MRI
Sep 19 Dan Chonde NMR/MRI with hyperpolarized species
Sep 19 Mark Browning Maser basics
Sep 28 Yanhong Xiao Subwavelength "optical resonance imaging" (ORI)
Oct 05 Saijun Wu Talbot-Lau interferometry with magnetically guided atoms
Oct 12 Alex Glenday Setting a Limit on Anomalous Spin-Spin Coupling with the Dual Noble Gas Maser
Oct 19 Tao Hong (???) Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Buffer Gas Cooled Rb Vapor
Oct 26 David Phillips & Matt Rosen Novel magnetometry for MRI: Work for Siemens, AG
Nov 02 Yanhong Xiao Subwavelength "optical resonance imaging" (ORI)
Nov 09 Claire Cramer The Other Telescope Calibration Effort
Nov 30 Jean Livet (Center for Brain Sciences) "Brainbows"
Dec 07 Chih-Hao Li Plan for astro-comb construction
Dec 21 James Battat (Stubbs group) tba



Date Speaker Topic
Jan 06 Mason Klein and Mike Hohensee results from coated cell studies
Jan 13 Ross Mair NMR experiment planning
Jan 20 Alex Glenday plan for Lorentz symmetry test in 2006/7
Jan 27 Ryan McGorty Fluidized bed experiments: current status
Feb 03 Cindy Hancox results from small-cell N-resonance studies
Feb 10 Yanhong Xiao results from noise studies
Feb 17 Yanhong Xiao Noise studies in EIT and its relevance to CPT clocks andcontinuous variable entanglement
Feb 24 Alex Johnson Hyperpolarized particles
Mar 03 Alex Glenday DNGM Update
Mar 10 Irina Novikova Results from Stored Light Optimization
Mar 17 Elizabeth Goldschmidt & Yulia Gurevich H maser progress and effect of freq. counters on stability measurements
Apr 07 Michael Hohensee Detecting Lorentz Symmetry Violations using EIT
Apr 14 James Babb (SAO) Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Pressure Broadened Alkali-Metal Atom Resonance Lines
Apr 21 Jeronimo Maze A few photon measurements summary
Apr 28 Mason Klein Final results from coated cell EIT studies
May 05 Irina Novikova More on slow light in a medium with self-rotation
May 12   DAMOP practice talks
May 26 Leo Tsai Status of the Low-Field MRI System and Current Results
Jun 02 Janice Hudgings (Mt. Holyoke) The Inside Scoop on Vertical-CavitySurface-Emitting Lasers
Jun 09 Alex Glenday Update on noble gas maser Lorentz symmetry tests
Jun 16 Alex Johnson & Matt Rosen Hyperpolarized Si-29 nanoparticles
Jun 23 Cindy Hancox Conclusion from small-cell N-resonance studies
Jun 26 Irina Novikova Stored light optimization
Jul 14 Yanhong Xiao Laser Phase noise to intensity noise conversion in EIT
Jul 21 Leo Tsai Development of a Low-Field 3He MRI System to Study Posture-Dependence of Pulmonary Function
Aug 04 Yulia Gurevich Intro to hydrogen masers and their applications
Aug 11 Cleo Leung N-resonance clock using high-temperature thin cells
Aug 18 Saee Paliwal Fiber modulator characterization and investigation of field imbalance in CPT
Aug 25 Leo Tsai Initial Human Images from the Low-Field 3He MRI System
Sep 01 Cleo Leung Extended DAVLL locking scheme and high temperature N-resonance studies
Sep 08 David Phillips New tests of time and orientation varying fundamental constants
Sep 15 Yu-Ju Lin Ultracold Atoms Magnetically Trapped inside a Resonator on aMicrofabricated Chip
Sep 22 Saee Paliwal tba
Sep 29 Jacob Aptekar Pulse Sequence Design and Implementation for MRI in Inhomogeneous Magnetic Fields
Oct 06 Michael Hohensee Testing Lorentz Symmetries of Light
Oct 13 Rob Barton Silicon nanoparticles as molecular imaging agents for MRI
Oct 20 Matthew Eisaman Progress towards a quantum repeater using atomic ensemlbes
Oct 26 Seth Lloyd (MIT) Quantum limits to the measurement of space and time
Nov 03 Lily Childress (Harvard) Coherent dynamics of coupled electron and nuclear spin qubits in diamond
Nov 10 Matt Rosen Review of new results from Pines group and Boyd Goodson
Nov 17 Mason Klein & Yanhong Xiao Plan for slow & stored light optimization studies I
Nov 20 Mason Klein & Yanhong Xiao Plan for slow & stored light optimization studies I: continued
Dec 01 Susanne Yelin Absorption-free negative refraction using quantum coherence
Dec 08 Chih-Hao Li Plan for new hyperpolarization systems
Dec 15 Paola Cappellaro (ITAMP) Quantum Information Transport in Nuclear Spin Chains
Dec 22 Robert Lutwak (Symmetricom) Realizing the Chip-Scale Atomic Clock



Date Speaker Topic
Jan 07 Ruopeng Wang initial data on fluidized bed with vertical bore NMR instrument
Jan 14 Mason Klein update on stored light studies
Jan 21 Alex Glenday noble gas maser update
Jan 28 Chris Smallwood update on N/CPT clocks experiment
Feb 04 Micah Ledbetter (Princeton) EDM measurements in liquid laser-polarized xenon
Feb 11 Naomi Ginsberg (Harvard) Observation of Hybrid Soliton Vortex-Ring Structures in Bose-Einstein Condensates
Feb 18 Yanhong Xiao Calculations of atomic coherence diffusion in CPT experiments
Feb 25 Andreas Mershin (MIT) Peptide-assisted nano bio devices
Mar 04 Alex Glenday Potential Axion Search using the DNGM
Mar 11 Mason Klein Discussion of recent slow light papers
Mar 18 Matt Rosen Meeting at Millenium; ideas for 3He imaging
Mar 25 Jesse Thaler (Harvard) Universal Dynamics of Spontaneous Lorentz Violation
Apr 01 Mason Klein Update and plans on stored light experiments in coated cells
Apr 06 Thomas Meersmann (Colorado SU) Novel Contrast in MR Imaging through Hyperpolarized Krypton-83
Apr 15 Yanhong Xiao Atomic motion induced Ramsey-type spectral narrowing
Apr 22 Michael Barlow (Nottingham U) Open discussion on narrowed-line laser technology
Apr 29 Cindy Hancox (Harvard) Magnetic trapping of rare-earths atoms
May 06 Michael Fleischhauer (TU Kaiserslautern) Quantum electrodynamics of atoms in media with negative refraction
May 13   DAMOP practice talks
Jun 03 Caspar van der Wal (U Groningen) tba
Jun 10 Mukund Vengalattore (Harvard) Nonlinear Optics in anisotropic ultracold media
Jun 17 Chris Sotak (Worcester PI) The Relationship Between Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) Changes of Tissue Water and Cell Volume Changes During Acute Neurological Disorders
Jun 24 Andreea Boca (Caltech) Measurements in cavity QED with trapped atoms
Jul 22 Mason Klein pre-oral exam talk
Jul 29 Leo Tsai Thesis committee presentation
Aug 08 Ryan McGorty 129Xe NMR: Fluidized Bed Experiments Update
Aug 12 Alex Glenday pre-oral exam talk
Aug 18 Ryan McGorty my undergraduate research
Aug 22 Alexei Taichenachev and Valery Yudin (Novosibirsk State University) Pure superposition states of atoms generated by a bichromatic elliptically polarized field
Sep 02 Mason Klein Pre-oral exam talk
Sep 09 Yanhong Xiao Proposed studies of PM-AM conversion in atomic vapor
Sep 16 Elizabeth Goldschmidt Report on summer work: DAVLL, magnetic field fluctuations 
Sep 23 Leo Tsai Status of low-field imager and proposed use for studying lung physiology
Sep 29 S. Zibrov/I. Novikova Light shift measurement for lin-par-lin CPT configuration
Sep 30 Ludovic de Rochefort (U2R2M, Paris) Visualization of flow dynamics within the airways with hyperpolarized 3He MRI
Oct 07 Michael Hohensee Role of light polarization in stored light
Oct 14 Federico Cane Modeling of DNGM behavior and comparison with measurements
Oct 28 Irina Novikova Light Pulse Delay and Storage in Rb Vapor Cells
Nov 04 Michael Crescimanno (Youngstown State University) A theory of N+CPT resonance
Nov 11 Sam Patz (Brigham and Women's Hospital) Imaging LP 129Xe exchange in lungs
Dec 02 Andrey Matsko (JPL) Experiments with an opto-electrical oscillator using VCSEL lasers
Dec 09 Philip Walther (Harvard) From Entangled Photons to Quantum Computation
Dec 16 Mason Klein and Mike Hohensee Plans for coated cell static EIT paper



Date Speaker Topic
Jan 09 Michal Bajcsy (Lukin group) Stationary Pulses of Light in an Atomic Medium
Jan 16 Leo Tsai Asthma research and potential for LP noble gas MRI
Jan 23 David Phillips Plans for Quantum Optics experiments
Jan 30 Federico Cane New oven design
Feb 13 Christine Wang Basics of CPT
Feb 20 Suzanne Rousseau Lorentz symmetry tests
Feb 27 Ross Mair LP Noble Gas MRI Grand Plan for 2004
Mar 12 Tina Pavlin New generation of the segregation experiments
Mar 19 Mason Klein/Leo Tsai Overview of the completed segregation experiments
Mar 26 John Ng Atherosclerosis studies
Apr 02 Michael Hohensee (Lukin group) Generation of entangled atoms in Raman media
Apr 09 David Phillips Observation of the negative Doppler shift: dream vs. reality
Apr 16 Nicolas Boulant (Cory-group, MIT) Teleportation: Science Fiction or Reality?
Apr 23 Matt Eisaman, (Lukin group) Recent progress in quantum memory experiments
Apr 30 Michael Crescimanno Updates in understanding of CPT clock shifts
May 07 Ruopeng Wang New generation of fluidized bed experiments
May 14 Leo Tsai Rehearsal of ISMRM conference talk on low-field imager design (10 min)
Jun 04 Leo Tsai and Mason Klein Updates on Segregation Experiments
Jun 18 Ross Mair and Leo Tsai Highlights from ENC and ISMRM 
Jul 02 Leo Tsai Plan for "final" segregation experiments
Jul 09 Irina Novikova Push-pull optical pumping and applications to our experiments
Jul 16 Alex Glenday Is the Doyle cold buffer gas scheme viable for Rb stored light?
Jul 23 Christine Wang Atomic diffusion and CPT resonances
Jul 30 Mason Klein Optimizing stored light
Aug 06 Jeff Surette H maser P24 performance
Aug 13 Tina Pavlin Plan for human physiology studies using high-field MRI
Aug 20 Chris Smallwood Studies of new Raman and CPT clocks
Aug 27 Jakob Taylor (Lukin group) Quantum Dots
Sep 03 Suzanne Rousseau The physics of Lorentz and CPT violation
Sep 10 Suzanne Rousseau The physics of Lorentz and CPT violation: MORE!
Sep 24 Gregg Jaeger (Boston U.) Quantum entanglement, symmetry and optical quantum memory
Oct 01 John Ng MS Lesion studies by Gadolinium-enhanced MRI
Oct 08 Irina Novikova Optimization of the classical light storage
Oct 15 Dan Farkas (Gabrielse group) Optical comb/iodine clock comparison with H maser
Oct 22 Alexei Trifonov (MagiQ) Recent progress in quantum cryptography
Oct 29 Anatoly Dementyev (Yale Univ.) To be announced
Nov 05 Matt Eisaman (Lukin group) Update on the quantum repeater experiment
Nov 12 Eric Silver (CfA) Microcalorimeters Are No Longer a Laboratory Curiosity!
Nov 19 Natasha Lisitza (Princeton Univ.) NMR Measurements of Diffusion in the Internal Fields
Nov 23 Donald Candela (UMass) Granular media studies with NMR
Dec 10 Michal Bajcsy (Lukin group) EIT Based Waveguides and Stationary Light Pulses
Dec 20 Leo Tsai & Tina Pavlin Plan for lung imaging at high fields