Research Overview

We are experimental research group that advances thet state-of-the-art in precision measurement tools based on quantum science, and then translates and applies these tools to problems in both the physical and life sciences. Current areas of research include:

  • Quantum sensing with┬áNitrogen Vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond
  • A new approach to directional detection of low-mass dark matter
  • Laser frequency combs as optical wavelength calibrators for exoplanet astronomy
  • Studying the Sun as a star with our small solar telescope in the Canary Islands
  • New optical and magnetic imaging tools for brain science
  • Novel approaches to NMR and MRI

Our research is performed in laboratories at several locations:

Center for Astrophysics

  Harvard Center for Brain Science
at the Northwest Building

  Martinos Center
for Biomedical Imaging



Lab Phone Numbers

617 496 7520   CfA Lab (PG07)   617 496 2539   NW Optics Lab (354.60)
617 496 8967   CfA Optics Lab (PG07A)   617 496 7269   NW Bioimaging Lab (B455)
617 496 7168   CfA Astro-comb Lab (PG07D)   617 643 8636   Martinos LFI Lab

Our research has been supported financially by several organizations.